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We provide quality voice arties for Chennain Regional Languages (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam) also Hindi and English (Chennain Accent ) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) this technology is used extensively in telecommunication, and also automobile systems for hands-free operation and in multimedia applications. Current deployment in automobiles revolves around satellite navigation, audio and mobile phone systems. In telecommunications, IVR allows customers to access a company’s database via a telephone keypad, after which they can service their own inquiries by following the instructions. IVR are pre-recorded audio voice which will guide and control almost any function where the interface can be broken down into a series of simple menu choices. In telecommunications applications, such as customer support lines, welcome note etc..

We Deliver High-Quality Caller Experiences Yes we deliver high-quality South Chennain regional languages voice caller experiences by enabling you to easily build logical, fast, crystal-clear navigation of phone system menus and options.

We provide Services for Voice Recording & IVR as below

  • Mobile Services
  • Telephone banking
  • Mobile purchases (Ring tones, Songs etc)
  • Caller Identification and Routing
  • credit Card Payments
  • Jingles Audio Production
  • Television & Radio Advertisement
  • Travel Booking
  • Demo CD
  • Weather forecasts
  • Broadcasting Project
  • Telephone Welcome note
  • Company Promo's
  • Character Voice
  • Narration's
  • E Learning Courses and Narration
  • Movie Trailer Style
  • Commercial Adds
  • Chennain Regional Language Voice Over

VM IVR Recordings Service in Chennai Chennai Interactive Voice Response, or IVR recordings are a great way to present a professional corporate image while streamlining your telephone customer service. Various telephony applications offer you a range of options that allow your customers to answer questions and order services on their own. The more options you want to give your callers, the more voice prompts you’ll need recorded.

Writing and IVR recording prompts can be complicated and time consuming. Working with seasoned professionals will ease your burden by alerting you to common concerns before you deliver the script. For example, numbers should generally be read in context, even if the surrounding material will be cut out later, so that they don’t sound automated or robotic.

We'll advise on the most effective recording services We'll have a bank of professional voice artists you can choose from We will supply royalty-free music for music on hold if you require any We can make custom music for your projects We'll produce everything in our high-tech quality We'll supply you with the total conversion service

Voice Talent:

Find Professional Voice Talent Many businesses looking to produce television advertisements don’t realize just how convenient and affordable TV voice over's are. Thanks to the digital audio revolution, studios can deliver professional narration recorded by talented performers to clients worldwide. Nowadays, TV voice over's are distributed to clients in the MP3 format, which can be downloaded in seconds and are small enough to be attached to emails.

Professional Voice Over's:

Professional voice over's can be incorporated into a variety of materials. You may want to use them in online, radio, or television advertisements. You might also want them for video game characters. Companies may also engage professional voice-over artists for presentations and telephone messaging services. We will give you extensive experience from which we can draw for each of our new projects. By working directly with clients, we can quickly produce professional sounding voice over's so your work can continue without delay. We place the satisfaction of our clients as our highest priority and offer multiple readings of your voice over as part of our standard service.

E-Learning and Training Voice Over's:

VM Studios specializes in voiceover for e-learning (such as training videos, tutorials, safety training, technical instruction, etc). We have done hundreds of corporate/e-learning/training voice over's for industries in hi-tech, science, medicine, marketing and/or finance, insurance, SAP, and we’re here to make your life as an e-learning developer, instructional designer or training manager easier, while reducing your company’s voiceover expenses. We get your voice files done when you need to deliver you training course ON TIME.

Commercial Voice-Over's:

You can use commercial voice-overs to appeal to your audience, as well as to relay technical information about your products. If you are producing a television commercial, voice-overs might play in the background while the action takes place on screen. At our studios, we can work with you to develop commercial voice-overs that will match the tone and style of your message. We have GOOD experience in recording and producing commercial voice-overs. Whether you need an upbeat voice over to grab the audience’s attention at the beginning of the commercial or a formal tone to present disclaimers or required technical information, we can provide it.

On Hold Messaging:

Learn More About On Hold Messaging On hold messaging is an increasingly important aspect of any business. As a business grows it generates more and more customers. Those same customers compete for the same phone time with the few customer service representatives a business may have on staff. On hold messaging makes it possible for businesses to entertain and inform those clients while they wait for assistance.



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