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VM Studio (Chennai) is a reputable resource for music production and recording studio services. It has become a gathering place for people involved in making music, or those interested to learn how & how to create music. Primary focus of our studio is to give musicians an opportunity to produce there Demo CD in high quality at a price they can afford. Why risk your bands success by recording yourself, in a friend’s bedroom, or in a low budget studio? We arrange studios fits for project , Studios will have the right gear, professionally treated rooms, and the experience to make your band sound better than ever. We will give your project as mastered product for you that are radio ready. A bands success lies heavily in their music but, also in the quality of their demo or album. Your recording is your calling card to show your fans, clubs owners, booking agents, record labels, radio stations, A&R reps and publishers, what your band is all about. We have a "Affordable hourly rates" so walk in with your creative ides & make your master pieces.

VM Studio Recording Studio is a commercial studio for all... you have a talent of sing, playing instruments, Rapping, making new music patterns, djing then you have to contact us we will arrange the rest for your music accompany to make your music more delight.

Audio Service:

Are you a musician, a band, or a voiceover artist? Does your company need a radio commercial? We can accommodate all projects, large and small, in our audio recording studio. Whether you make your own beats and need a quality space to record your Vocal Track, Karaoke Project, BGM, YouTube Audio. , we can work with you to create a high quality recording on a limited budget.

Video Services:

Are you a non-profit with a message you need to share? A band looking to shoot a music video? A local business seeking help with its YouTube channel? VM Studios can guide and assist you at every stage of your video production process. Our creative staff is ready to write, shoot and edit your product, as well as compose a custom musical score. Our talented technicians will make sure you look and sound your best.

Audio Production STUDIO for Business:

  • • Record your spoken word for a variety of advertising and marketing uses; jingles, presentations, introductions, instructional videos, slideshows, audio books, adverts, etc., etc.
  • • You can use a voice artist of your own or please feel free to choose from one of the professionals we work with on a regular basis
  • • Edit your voice-over, fixing small errors and unwanted noises, cross-fading takes to get the perfect 'take' and adjusting levels throughout the recording
  • • Book live session musicians, using a selection of instruments you've chosen to perform backing music composed to your specifications
  • • Sequenced backing tracks to suit your project, from chilled-out jazz grooves to up-beat, string sections to piano arrangements - whatever you need
  • • Mix the various elements of your project together, arranging your spoken word and backing music and ensuring every aspect is ready for mastering
  • • Slice your finished piece into segments, to then be synced up with the slides in your presentation or as separate chapters in your new audio book, etc.

Music Production STUDIO for Musicians:

  • • Record your vocal performances, from singers and rappers to spoken word artists - and even beat-boxers
  • • Record instrumental performances - acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, hand and stick percussion, woodwind, brass, orchestral and world instruments and many more
  • • Create sequenced or live accompaniments to complement your tracks, from basic beats, drums, bass, chords, to full musical backing arrangements
  • • Compose entire backing tracks in any genre - completely original, consisting of various sections, transitions, risers and drops... whatever the music needs
  • • Edit all your audio, fixing mistakes in takes, cross-fading and tightening up timing and adjusting levels throughout the track
  • • Mix all the elements of your music and vocals together, bringing out the best in every aspect to form a cohesive track, ready for mastering
  • • You can even practice your performance in the live room, using the built-in PA to help you get into the feel of it

Professional KARAOKE Vocal Recording Studio

Are you ready to take your vocal performance to the next level..

Professional KARAOKE Vocal Recording Are You Ready to Take Your Vocal Performance To The Next Level Create Your Very Own.

Get a Professional Karaoke Vocal Recording here at VM Studios

you can have a professional karaoke vocal recording along with your favourite songs.. Getting a professional karaoke vocal recording means you will sound like the pros. Sing on a fantastic microphone. Record on Pro Gears. Our Best Production Studio has the most recent technology to make you sound like a pro. Get your next professional karaoke vocal recording at VM Studios.

Create Your Very Own Demo CD

We proved you a mastered CD which can be played on any cd player and also includes an mp3 file for your computer, laptop, ipad, or ipod if needed. All you have to do is bring in your own karaoke (background music ) on disc /pen drive.

Please let us know in advance what songs you need for your session. if we can supply them we’ll let you know. The next step is booking time, giving a deposit or block of hours and then you’re on the schedule and ready to come in and start your singing session

Note: We don't provide Karaoke Tracks.. We just help you to record vocals in professional quality MP3 / WAV files with your audio source only.

Vocal Recording TIPS

Try these tips before you coming to studio it will save a lot of time and money..
  • 1.Focus on the message and emotion of the song
  • 2. If you can memorize the lyrics more power to ya! the message and emotion(s) of the song sound more natural. mean what you say when you sing!
  • 3.Be Well Rested - if your vocal session is scheduled when you’re tired and you’re fatigued you will have poor results. no screaming or talking too much the day before.
  • 4. Make Sure You’re Comfortable With Your Headset Mix headset mix makes a big difference in how you sing and perform! being in a professional studio will allow the engineer to get the right volume for the instrument levels, add voice effects or remove effects. the engineer will adjust the sound, eliminating any distractions so your session will sound its best.

Music Jingles:

Jingles are a critical part of branding - they are the sound component of your marketing mix. Radio stations in particular need to differentiate with a creative sound and identity. Our team of branding experts works with our talented audio producers to deliver creative, memorable jingles that will stand out in your listener’s mind.

Background Music (BGM) :

Background Music For Video Production, Documentary Projects, YouTube Video's Find good video / Audio background music to spice up your music Audio / Video production. Choose from huge online collection of custom music for Audio / Video production.

Customize right background music for your TV production, advert or online video is crucial. Carefully chosen backing track has the power to make your content shine: a heart-breaking scene doesn’t pack half the emotional punch, just as a fantastic product won’t seem quite as good if it’s showcased by low-quality music.

Like all great things, brilliant background music is made with passion and crafted with skill. Our composers are among the best in their field and we frequently record .

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